The good the bad and the ugly music festival sponsorship

February 27, 2018


Summer has arrived (we think? The weather might need some convincing, but anyway, we digress…) and with that, we have now entered the inevitable Music Festival season. Therefore, we thought it only fitting to write a blog about the good, the bad and the ugly of sponsorship specifically in the music festival industry as you pack your tent away ready to get muddy!

The Good

With thousands of visitors to music festivals every year, they are a great place for brand engagement. Putting your company in front of a wide audience will inevitably mean you are more likely to increase your company’s customer base, as well as your brand awareness. Not only this, with many festival goers open to all types of weather – wind, rain, mud or shine – you are entering an open and happy atmosphere – the perfect place to promote your brand to those just looking to have a good time and create memories to last a life time.

The Bad

There is also a problem with festivals being the perfect atmosphere for brands to engage with their customers - it is now a very cluttered market! With brands competing to gain the attention of festival goers, it can be very confusing and over the top for those just looking to have fun. This, in turn, can cause the visitors to switch off and actually disengage entirely. On top of this, with many brands not normally associated with festivals (such as cars or insurance companies) trying to capitalize off these events, many visitors are starting to become annoyed with brands being forced upon them.

The Ugly

Marketing Managers are also becoming increasingly wary to sign up to sponsor these musical events, with many festivals actually cancelling throughout the year last minute. This can leave the companies out of pocket, as well as damaging their marketing campaigns required to keep their business alive. On top of this, if something bad happens at a music festival, which may tarnish the events reputation, this can reflect very badly on the sponsors. Find out more about this in our blog next week: “Nottinghill Carnival - Positives and Negatives of Sponsorship”.

Music Festivals will always be one of the biggest events throughout the summer season, enticing in a number of big name sponsors, and smaller companies looking to get noticed. Regardless of the potential negatives of sponsoring in this industry, companies will always be interested in participating in these festivals, as the positives often outweigh any potential concerns.

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