Six reasons to sponsor an event

February 27, 2018


So, you’ve sat down to reevaluate your marketing strategy and you’re trying to find another way to get your company noticed. And then you think, what about sponsorship? Well my friends, we’re here to tell you why you should definitely consider sponsoring an event, and how it can boost your company’s brand into the social stratosphere.

1. Networking

One of the less obvious benefits to sponsoring an event is the opportunity to network with other businesses in the local area - some you may have been struggling to get a meeting with. Sponsoring an event brings businesses together to support one common goal, and gives you the chance to build your network, and in turn, build your business.

2. Increase your Brands Image in the Market

 If you sponsor a big event, people will be more likely to believe that you yourself are a big brand in the market – because if you have the money to sponsor an event, you must be doing well for yourself. This will naturally lead people to be drawn to you, increasing your customer base as well as your image in the market. Remember, if you’re proud enough to put your name on it, you’re clearly confident in your product, and your audience will be receptive to this.

3. Targeted Marketing

What better way to get in front of your target audience than by sponsoring an event where they will all be attending? Let’s face it, posting across the various social media channels may be the easiest way to promote your company’s message, but it may fall on deaf ears if you are not reaching your relevant target audience. By putting yourself out there in front of these people, you can be sure to reach the right people at the right time – giving you more opportunities to increase your customer base. 

4. Increase your Reach

Sponsoring an event can also increase your reach by not only putting you in front of your target market but also in front of individuals who may never have heard of your business before – and didn’t realize they needed your product or service until now!

5. Leverage the Social Media Coverage

By sponsoring an event, such as the local race or a massive festival such as Glastonbury, you are inevitably going to end up plastered across social media. Therefore, in effect, you are getting free advertising as a bonus to your initial sponsorship. You can also use the opportunity to get your customers to engage with your product and service whilst at the event, through activation opportunities. For example, if you had a photo booth or created a branded Insta frame and encouraged users to take pictures with a relevant hashtag, this would not only get people engaged at the event, but would naturally get people posting across various social media channels. As everything is branded your logo will be appearing in the news feeds of those who didn’t even attend the event!

6. Social Responsibility

Companies are now having to prove that they are not just trying to make a quick buck. With the rise of the millennials pushing for companies to donate money to charity, what better way to do so than by sponsoring a local athlete or event showing you not only understand, but also actively accept and encourage your social responsibility?

So, there you have it. Our six top reasons to sponsor an event – whether it be local or national. Along with the reasons mentioned above, there are several other benefits of sponsorship that you should really consider if you want your company’s message to spread and stand out from the competition.

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