Game set match a roundup of our favourite Wimbledon sponsorship campaigns

February 27, 2018


Wimbledon 2017 officially kicked off this week! So, whilst all the Tennis fans out there are glued to their TV’s and some even to their phones and tablets with the latest announcement that Twitter will be live streaming the tournament. Here at ECHO, we’re taking a closer look at…. well, whatever else? The sponsorships and their respective marketing campaigns!

As ever, Wimbledon brings out some of the big brands to serve. Year on year the roll out of the sponsorships at Wimbledon are great examples of Sponsorships done right. So, without further a due, here are a few of our favourites so far:

1)    HSBC

Wimbledon’s official banking partner has #goneabitwimbledon with a great activation campaign with HSBC customers receiving free strawberries and cream, when they show their bankcard. HSBC customers can also enter the fan zone where they can step into the GIF booth to create their very own GIF to keep and share on social media with the hashtag #goneabitwimbledon. Not only does this raise awareness at the point of sponsorship, but it also creates positive engagement with their customers and increases their reach on social media.

2)    IBM

They boldly state to not being afraid to innovate and demonstrate how technology can add to the user experience. After seeing the Wimbledon audience was increasingly from mobile, they have stepped their existing app up a notch with the release of artificial intelligence (AI) Fred, as an option within its official app for this year’s tournament. Named after the legendary Fred Perry, the aim is to enhance the user experience (in a similar style to Apple’s Siri) with users attending the event being able to ask ‘Fred’ questions and directions. Not only is this a great engagement tool, but it helps to raise awareness of the technology and analytics in Tennis, which is one of its biggest challenges in ensuring the sport stays current. What’s even better is the questions will be monitored and reviewed to improve the service for next year!

3)    Robinsons

The official sponsors since 1902 they have been quenching the thirst of players since 1935 – it just wouldn’t be the same without them! With branded suites, juice bars and competitions all encouraging people to become part of the ‘Wimbledon experience’. Their campaign has expanded even further with a series of videos across social media with Tim Henman taking viewers through the history of the relationship and encouraging young people to get into the sport. As with Slazenger, the length and breadth of their partnership have made the two brands almost go together and is a clear example of a well thought out sponsorship that has stood the test of time.

One of Wimbledon’s biggest challenges is ensuring it stays current, particularly with the change in how people watch TV and how people interact with brands. They are leveraging their sponsor’s skills and their sponsor’s respective campaigns to help them stay relevant across their audience, young and old.

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