Five creative sponsorship ideas

February 27, 2018


Your company is doing well but you want to find a new and fun way to get your brand noticed, and engaging with your customers. So, what do you do? For many companies, the answer is sponsorship. Whether it be sponsoring at the local summer fete or at Glastonbury Festival, sponsorship can be a fantastic way of spreading your company’s message. But if you need more convincing, catch our blog on “Five Reasons Sponsorship Should be Included in your Marketing Strategy” before going any further…

Anyway, back to this blog, you’ve now decided that sponsorship is the way forward, but what do you sponsor? With never ending opportunities at just one event, we’ve given our list of ideas on five creative sponsorship ideas to ensure you stand out for all the right reasons.

1. Brand your Staff

So, this one is a little obvious and you may not think it falls under the creative ideas but sometimes the best form of sponsorship is the tried and tested one! Ensuring your staff are branded from head to toe in vibrant and eye-catching clothes (without being garish, of course!) will enable your customers to instantly recognise your brand. If your staff are also handing out branded goody bags full of fun gifts with your logo on, the results can only be positive!

2. Get Crafty

Giving your customers the opportunity to actually create something themselves is one of the best ways to get them to engage with your brand. Not only will they feel a connection to your company, creating memories as they have fun painting their picture, or baking their cakes, they are also more likely to post pictures of their finished products on social media. This is amazing publicity for your business, showing your fun and approachable side whilst gaining maximum exposure.

3. Photo Booths

 This move is a classic, yet the novelty of photo booths is yet to wear off. Something about the big, novelty bow ties, oversized glasses and curly moustaches gets people engaged and having fun. By ensuring your logo is printed on every photo you know that your company will be in the homes of hundreds of peoples, on constant display for all to see. On top of this, it again shows your fun and friendly side, leading people to engage with your brand again in future.

4. A Games Lounge

This is, personally, one of our favourite ideas.  By sponsoring a whole games lounge, providing entertainment in the form of a pool table, table tennis, competitions and putting on a tasty food arrangement, you are providing your customers with a complete experience. This will leave them with a brilliant image of your company – where they will, no doubt, take photos and videos, which will end up on social media, increasing exposure for your brand.

5. Be Charitable

 Sponsoring events is one thing, sponsoring a charitable event is another! Whether you sponsor a charitable event itself or decide to donate all profits from the event to a named charity, this is an excellent way to show your company cares about others and not just themselves. It will also make you feel good too!


So there you have it, five creative sponsorship ideas to get your customers engaging with your brand in a positive way. Anyone can put their name and logo on a billboard, but it takes a certain type of company to find new, fun and interactive ways of engaging their audience.

If you’re looking for a creative way to get noticed, be sure to get in touch with us at to find out how ECHO International can get your company on the map!

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